What About Bob? My Transition Update.

Ok, so it’s been a month and half since my last posting and I think that’s far too long.  I do have some other ideas bopping around in my head based on the lessons I’ve learned thus far and I look forward to getting those out very soon.  In the meantime, here’s a bit of personal update.

After quite a bit of thought we’ve decided that “home” is North Carolina, so we will be returning to the house we own down there after my separation.  Once this decision was made it meant that the job focus would be in that direction.  It also meant having to say, “No thank you” to at least two organizations here in Baltimore that were actively pursuing my services.  One position was as a recruiter, and another working for a local university.  It was definitely tough to do that, especially since both organizations are true class acts.

This meant both my wife and I would need to focus our job search on a location other than our current area.  Thank goodness for the internet!  I’ve subscribed to a number of job boards which means frequent email updates, mostly about positions that I either don’t want, or aren’t qualified for, but inside those emails are also postings from organizations that are truly in the market for my skills (recruiter/trainer)..

The past few weeks I’ve certainly run the gamut of emotions; frustration at not getting calls, elation at getting a call, anticipation waiting on an answer, excitement as I prepared for the interview, and then a little disappointment finding out that I was not selected for a position I really wanted.  I will say, however, that the interview process both on the phone and in person was very well done by the organization that considered me and I learned a lot from the experience.  But I’ve now learned first hand that second place on a job interview is not success.

In addition to hunting for jobs, I also passed the Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR) certification exam  last week.  This involved quite a bit of study time, usually in the early hours before work, which was typically my blogging time, hence the lack of posts recently.  Attaining this certification before I got of the Navy was a personal goal I had set, so for that, I’m definitely proud of myself.

Speaking at the ClearedJobs.net Career Fair with Chrissa Dockendorf on May 8 2014 in Washington, DC.

Speaking at the ClearedJobs.net Career Fair with Chrissa Dockendorf on May 8 2014 in Washington, DC.

I’ve also been afforded opportunities to participate in some formal presentations on veteran hiring issues.  Last month I partnered with a terrific local recruiter by the name of Chrissa Dockendorf  to speak to other HR professionals about ways in which private organizations can better access the veteran talent pool.

This went so well that we did another round of the presentations at a job fair in Washington, DC. This time, however we be spoke to transitioning veterans instead of recruiters. I’m happy to say that both the morning and the afternoon session were very successful. This was my last hurrah working (at least in person) with some really great individuals associated with Clearedjobs.net.  I highly recommend them for anyone seeking work in the super-secret, cleared, cyber/intel communities.

My retirement ceremony is also quickly approaching (May 22, 2014) and this has become its own little job.  I’ve completed my final physical, and have all the moving parts in place for a great ceremony.  It’s certainly more work than I realized. My orders have not yet posted, which I need in order to set up my household goods. A delay of much more than another week could end up pushing our ability to completely move our furniture before our lease expires. Even to the end it seems, the military is still “hurry up and wait.”

So as you can see, it’s been a busy couple of months. I do have quite a few topics that I will address individually, many based on the experiences mentioned above, and will do so soon.


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